After School Club


Children/young people have a wide variety of needs and characteristics that may require special consideration – these include age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture and social difference. Nari Kallyan Shangho (NKS) endeavours to provide a quality care to school going children, and meet their needs to support them in their physical and mental development. This, the project strive to do by providing stimulating activities in the NKS After School Club, and by helping children with their home work.

The primary aim of the after school/home work club is to support and nurture each child’s individuality and personality development by catering to their individual needs. The club aims to provide learning support to those disadvantaged children who have very little help at home due to the low literacy level of parents/guardians.

The club will strive to achieve the aim by working on the following objectives:

Helping children to develop their bilingual skills by providing sessions on their first language as well as the English language.
Helping children with their school work under the supervision of club workers.
Providing online educational programmes during the afterschool club hours
Encouraging outdoor activities by providing various sports activities.
Encouraging healthier lifestyle by introducing them to healthy eating.
Encouraging independence, self confidence through various learning activities
Creating better communication channels between parents and child through interactive sessions.

To achieve its aims and objectives and to provide a high quality service to children and their parents/guardians, the after school club is registered with the Care Inspectorate and will be open at the following times:

Monday to Thursday – 3.30pm to 6.00pm
Friday – 12.30pm to 6.00pm

Currently, the club is running three days a week – Monday,Thursday and Friday. There is a fees charged @ £8 for Monday to Thursday and £12 on Friday.
A range of activities will be provided to support positive mental and physical development of children.

Outdoor Activities

• Forestry
• Badminton
• Basketball
• Football
• Walks
• Outings
• John Muir
• Taekwondo
• Swimming

Indoor Activities

• Snooker
• Indoor Games Club
• Board Games
• Arts & Crafts

Homework Sessions

• Help with School Homework
• Computer Educational Programme Supporting English, Maths & Science
• English Language Support
• First Language Classes

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