The primary aim of NKS is to alleviate deprivation and isolation experienced by South Asian women and their families living in Edinburgh and to promote positive health and well-being among them. Our role is to make South Asian women active citizens living in Scottish society by engaging them in various activities at NKS and by supporting them to access mainly mainstream services of interest to them in Edinburgh. We believe that South Asian communities are disadvantaged and marginalized that leads to social exclusion. NKS aims to provide a range of services that would help to work towards social inclusion of South Asian women and children.

The project would strive to raise women’s confidence to allow them to integrate into the wider society. NKS works on the principle of holistic approach to health and welfare where users socio-economic and health issues are addressed to improve their quality of life. A Community Development approach is used and users are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the running of the organisation.

Naina Minhas

NKS Director

Khalda Y Jamil

NKS Administrator

Humera Adnan

NKS Administrator

Nazia Majid

Health & Wellbeing Project Coordinator/Helpline Project Coordinator/Long Term Health Conditions Project Officer

Samra Ahmed

Empowering Communities Project Coordinator

Tatheer Fatima

Climate Action Project Coordinator

Manjari Singh

Climate Action Fund Project Officer

Nasima Zaman

Long Term Health Conditions Project Officer

Naseem Suleman

Family Support Officer/Long Term Health Conditions Project Officer

Nazma Rahman

Climate Action Fund Project Officer

Neena Agarwal

Long Term Health Conditions Project Officer

Neeru Bhatnagar

Community Development Officer/Community Engagement Officer

Rohina Hussain

Community Development Officer

Rana Shams

NKS Community Engagement Officer/Discover Digital Project Officer

Rukhsana Hussain

NKS Nursery Manager

Amina Rahman

NKS Childcare Practitioner

Fauzia Ahmed

NKS Childcare Practitioner

Kaniza Rahman

NKS Childcare Practitioner

Rezwana Khan

NKS Childcare Practitioner