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Open Day 5th March 2011

Nari Kallyan Shangho (NKS) organised an open day to introduce women to the heritage project activities to take place over a period of two years. The project worked in collaboration with WEA and Adult Learning Project to hold workshops on the open day to give a taster about activities to come over two years. Four workshops were organised and were very well attended. Approximately 100 women attended workshops on the day. A positive feedback was obtained from the participants. The women showed immense interest and enthusiasm to participate in the project in the future.
The workshops organised were:
History of England and Scotland
Scottish poems
Scottish playground games
Scottish recipes – parsnip (a Scottish vegetable)
Besides, there were stalls demonstrating weaving in Scotland and some common Scottish words used in Scotland were displayed on a stall.
There were musicians playing Scottish music.

Scottish Musicians

Asian women participating in a ceilidh dance

Display Of Commonly Used Scottish Words

Scottish recipes

Scottish playground games

Scottish poems workshop

Weaving demonstrations

England, Scotland history

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